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  1. Exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields, biological effects and health consequences (100 kHz-300 GHz)

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II.6.1. Summary

The mechanisms by which RF exposure heats biological tissue are well understood, and the most consistent effects of acute RF exposure on human subjects are the thermoregulatory responses of the cardiovascular system to RF-induced heating, increasing heat loss from the skin through increased skin blood flow and evaporative heat loss from sweat. Children are known to thermoregulate as well as adults in response to exercise and/or hot environments, but may be more vulnerable to dehydration.

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Similar cardiovascular responses to RF-induced heating such as increased skin blood flow occur in laboratory animals. However, animals are less effective at dissipating excess heat than humans, being in general less able to increase skin blood flow and sweat although heat loss can also occur via other mechanisms such as panting. The evidence from volunteer studies suggest that cognitive function can be adversely affected by whole-body heat stress, resulting in increased levels of unsafe behavior and reduced task performance, but this has not yet been explored using RF-exposed subjects.

However, laboratory animals show a consistent reduction in the performance of learned behaviors when RF exposure increases core body temperatures by about 1C or more. Similar RF-induced rises in body temperature also result in significantly enhanced plasma corticosterone or cortisol levels in rodents and primates respectively and transient changes in immune function and hematology, generally consistent with the acute responses to non-specific stressors. Again, these thermal effects have not been systematically explored in RF volunteer studies. 

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